At Nowlin Development, our legacy of success spans over four decades, marking a journey defined by innovation, excellence, and transformative real estate development. With a commitment to shaping communities and fostering growth, we take pride in our extensive experience in both commercial and residential real estate ventures.

Real Estate Development

    • Commercial Real Estate: For over 40 years, Nowlin Development has been a driving force behind the creation of thriving commercial spaces. Our portfolio boasts the successful development of diverse commercial assets, including restaurants that become culinary destinations, strategically designed commercial strip centers, and inviting hotels that redefine hospitality standards. Our expansion into more innovative ventures includes the establishment of express car washes, a testament to our adaptability and vision in meeting the evolving needs of the market. We have successfully developed and operated these facilities, setting new benchmarks in efficiency and customer satisfaction.
    • Residential Real Estate: Nowlin Development’s development impact originated in the residential landscape, where we have crafted homes and neighborhoods that transcend living spaces. From thoughtfully designed townhomes to charming single-family homes, our residential projects embody quality, functionality, and a profound understanding of the modern homeowner’s aspirations.

Operating Successful Businesses

    • Real Estate Agency and Hotels: Nowlin Development’s experience extends to the operation of two ReMax real estate agencies, a Best Western Hotel, and a Microtel. Our expertise in managing these entities is rooted in a commitment to excellence, fostering growth, and delivering unparalleled service to our clients and guests.
    • Express Car Washes and Self-Storage Facilities: In addition to our real estate ventures, we have successfully built and operated five express car washes and 3 self-storage facilities. Our hands-on experience in managing these businesses has shaped our understanding of operational efficiency and customer-centric service.
    • Assisted Living Facilities: Nowlin Development brings a compassionate touch to its diverse portfolio through the operation of two assisted living and memory care facilities. Our commitment to creating warm and supportive environments is reflected in every detail, ensuring the well-being of residents and their families.

Why Choose Nowlin Development?

    • Our decades-long journey in real estate development and small business operations is a testament to our enduring commitment to excellence, innovation, and community enrichment. At Nowlin Development, our experience is not just a timeline; it’s a legacy of success and a promise of a brighter future for every venture we undertake.

Our Portfolio

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